Sumy city, Ukraine

The capital city of Sumy oblast.

Sumy overview

Sumy is a city and administrative center of Sumy region standing on the Psyol River in northeastern Ukraine. It is a highway and railway junction of the region. There is an airport in the city.

The population - 271,000 (2012).

Phone code - +380 542; postal codes - 40000-40030.

Sumy city coat of arms

Sumy city coat of arms

Sumy city map location

Sumy history

Origin of the town

In the 2nd-6th centuries A.D., Slavic tribes lived in the area of present Sumy, remnants of their settlements and burial mounds are found in the south-western part of the city, on Pavlov street.

In the 8th-10th centuries, there was a settlement of northern people in the area of Topol settlement (now Topolyanskaya street).

There is no one opinion on the foundation date of the town. 1653 and 1655 are considered possible dates. 1655 is considered the most exact.

It is thought that the town was inhabited by several waves of migrants arriving from the opposite bank of the Danube, but the town was founded by colonel Gerasim Kondratyev who arrived to the Russian state together with a group of Cossack migrants in 1655.

More Historical Facts…

Moscow allowed them to settle there and during 1656-1658 they constructed a fortress there headed by Russian voivode K.Yu. Arsenyev.

In 1651, Ukrainian Cossacks headed by Bohdan Khmelnitsky were defeated near Berestechka and it was the start of the Polish yoke over Ukrainian population. In 1658, Sumy became the center of Slobodsky Cossack regiment which defended southern boundaries of Russia from the Crimean Tatars’ attacks. There were 2,740 people (1660 est.) in the town.

It was attacked by Crimean Tatars in 1659, 1663, 1668. In spite of a siege, the Tatars failed to occupy the town. The fortress served as a ground where the Russian army gathered during expeditions to the Crimea in 1687 and 1689.

The Russian Empire times

During the Northern War of 1700-1721, the town played an important strategic part. On December 26, 1708, Peter I transferred his headquarters from Lebedin to Sumy.

Peter I spent the whole winter there and headed the fortress reinforcing (in case of a defeat in battle with Swedish army of Karl XII), he issued a manifest to Ukrainian people denouncing hetman Mazepa’s actions.

The population was 7,700 people in 1732, 9,380 - in 1773, and 10,256 - in 1850. In 1780, Sumy received the status of a town.

In the 18th-19th centuries, it was a major commercial center of the region.

Interesting facts about Sumy

Sumy received its name after the rivers Suma and Sumka which washed the city from 2 sides. There is a legend that hunters’ bags (“suma” in Russian) were found in the area.

This fact is reflected in the coat-of-arms adopted in 1781: there are 3 black bags with golden buttons on the four-angle shield.

Famous Russian writers A.P. Chekhov and A.I. Kuprin lived here. The city was visited by composer P.I. Chaikovsky, writer V.G. Korolenko, poet A.N. Pletsheyev.

Sumy views

Sumy city scenery

Sumy city scenery

Author: Michael Devichensky

Sumy city view

Sumy city view

Author: Michael Devichensky

Sumy view

Sumy view

Author: Michael Devichensky

Sumy places of interest


Holy Resurrection Cathedral. The cathedral is the oldest stone building in the city. It was built at the expense of Colonel A. Kondratyev, the son of the founder of Sumy.

The building of the cathedral was part of a system of city walls; there was an underground passage to the river. In Soviet times, the building housed the Department of arts and crafts of local art museum. Voskresenskaya Street, 19.

Transfiguration Cathedral. This majestic church standing on a pedestrian street in the heart of the city combines the elements of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism. Sobornaya Street, 31.

Trinity Cathedral. It is one of the most beautiful churches in the city looking like St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. The cathedral was built in classical style with Baroque elements. Troitskaya Street, 24-a.


Museum of Chekhov. House-Museum of Chekhov is open in the noble mansion of the family of Lintvarevyh (the 18th-19th centuries). In 1888-1889 years, the writer lived in the western wing of the mansion.

The museum was opened to the centenary of the birth of the writer in 1960. You can see restored interior of the living room and dining room, guest rooms and “Antosha room” - Chekhov’s bedroom and study. Chekhov Street, 79. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00 (Thursday - 16:00), day off - Friday.

Museum of Art. The museum named after N. Onatsky is housed in a building constructed in the early 20th century. It was founded in 1920 on the basis of nationalized private collections of art. Krasnaya Square, 1. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (Thursday - 16:00), day off - Friday.

Local History Museum. The exhibition presents objects from the archaeological sites of early Slavic monuments, rare exhibits on the history and nature of the region. Kirov Street, 2. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00, day off - Monday.

Sumy places

Sobornaya street

Sobornaya street

Author: A.Skrypnikov

Sumy stadium

Sumy stadium

Author: Valeriy Dudush

The World War II memorial

The World War II memorial

Author: Michael Devichensky

Other places of interest

Altanka. A small carved wooden gazebo built without a single nail is considered to be the symbol of Sumy. This is the only wooden building in the city, which was not damaged during the Second World War. Pokrovskaya Square.

Children’s Park “Fairy Tale”. The park is located in the central part. In its territory, in addition to children’s rides you can find fabulous buildings and figures of the characters of fairy tales. Shevchenko Avenue.

Kozhedub’s Park. The park of culture and rest named after I. Kozhedub (58 hectares) is located right in the heart of Sumy. The park has a lot of rides, regularly hosts various exhibitions, festivals and other cultural events.

Near the main entrance to the park, a modern stadium “Yubileyniy” is located. In the southeastern part of the park, there is a beach. Gagarin Street, 15.

Among the other attractions are:

  • T.G.Shevchenko statue (park in Sobornaya Street);
  • Memorial complex “Eternal Glory” (Kirov Street);
  • Regional philharmonic society (Petropavlovskaya Street);
  • Buildings of former Sumy cadet corps (Kirov Street, 165).

Sumy hotels

Hotel “Zdybanka”. This hotel-restaurant complex is standing on the banks of the river Psyol near the beach. Comfortable rooms of European standard, Wi-Fi.

Restaurant (European and Ukrainian cuisine), cafe pizzeria on the ground floor. Additional services include a sauna, swimming pool, parking, air and train tickets booking, dry cleaning, taxi call, conference room. Zalivnaya Street, 7/1. Phones: +38 0542 604 135, +38 050 407 08 44 (cell).

Hotel “Shafran”. The hotel is located near the center of Sumy, in a picturesque area on the banks of the lake named after Chekhov.

39 comfortable rooms with all the amenities: beds with orthopedic mattresses, climate control, mini-bar, satellite TV, Wi-Fi. There are two rooms for people with disabilities.

Additional services include a conference room, meeting room, business center, sauna, beauty salon, billiards, laundry, multi-currency ATM, guided tours. Restaurant “Shafran” (Oriental cuisine). Zamostyanskaya Street, 1/4. Phone: +38 0542 671 350.

Hotel “Voskresensky”. The hotel is located in the business center of the city, next to the Resurrection (Voskresensky) Cathedral.

28 rooms. Classic restaurant with 40 seats (European and Ukrainian cuisine). The hotel has a sauna with a swimming pool, garage, parking at the entrance. Nezavisimosti Square, 15. Phones: +38 0542 67 11 71, +38 0542 604 502, +38 0542 604 503.

More Hotels…

Hotel “Khimik”. It is located in the center, on a quiet street, 5 minutes from the train station. The hotel offers views of the river Psyol, historical and modern neighborhoods of the city.

50 comfortable rooms. Restaurant (European and Ukrainian cuisine). Additional services include a small conference room, sauna, swimming pool, Turkish bath, hairdressing salon. Pselskaya Street, 14. Phone: +38 0542 224 500.

Hotel “Pan”. The three-story building of the hotel is standing on a quiet old street in the central part of Sumy.

16 comfortable rooms with modern furnishings, Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning. Restaurant (European cuisine). Additional services: parking, laundry, sauna, meeting room. Kuznechniy Street, 1. Phones: +38 0542 610 367, +38 0542 610 370.

Hotel “Jubilejnaya”. The hotel is located near the railway station, 10 minutes walk from the center of the city - Nezavisimosti Square.

The hotel complex consists of two separate buildings connected by a walkway. It has a picturesque surrounding area with landscaping.

78 spacious rooms, Wi-Fi. The deluxe rooms are air conditioned. Restaurant (European cuisine). Additional services: parking, beauty salon, sauna, swimming pool, gym, conference room, meeting room. Privokzalnaya Street, 9A. Phones: +38 0542 255 133 +38 0542 255 347.

Hotel “Reikartz Sumy”. The hotel is located in the very center of the city, on the corner of Pokrovskaya Square, at the beginning of a walking pedestrian area.

57 rooms of different categories with cable TV, fridge, Wi-Fi. Voskresenska Street, 1. Phones: +38 0542 222 520, +38 0542 685 501.

Sumy city, Ukraine photos

Sumy sights

Tank T-34 monument

Tank T-34 monument

Author: Michael Devichensky

Altanka - symbol of Sumy

Altanka - symbol of Sumy

Author: Michael Devichensky

Holy Resurrection Cathedral

Holy Resurrection Cathedral

Author: Michael Devichensky

Sumy cathedral

Transfiguration Cathedral

Transfiguration Cathedral

Author: Ruslan Kapral

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