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Let’s walk through the streets of Sumy

Sumy is a city located in the north-east of Ukraine, the capital of the Sumy region. It is a wonderful place with a great number of pedestrian areas and landmarks.

The whole old streets of Sumy (Sobornaya, Voskresenskaya, Petropavlovskaya, Troitskaya) are architectural monuments. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting sights. Photos by: Alexander Lipilin.

Walk through the streets of Sumy, Ukraine, photo 1

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The time-lapse video of Sumy

Sumy is a city and administrative center of Sumy oblast located in the northeastern Ukraine, standing on the Psyol River.

The city received its name after the rivers Suma and Sumka which washed the city from 2 sides. There is a legend that hunters’ bags (“suma” in Russian) were found in the area. This fact is reflected in the city coat-of-arms adopted in 1781.

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