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For many centuries Lviv pleases its residents and visitors with a unique aura of coffee and chocolate aroma. February 14-17, the Lviv Palace of Arts (Copernicus Street, 17) was hosting a delicious holiday – the 6th National Day of Chocolate.

The city invited everyone to taste the best sweets and a variety of chocolate candy. The festival once again broke the record for the number of kinds of chocolate and chocolate products presented.

National Day of Chocolate in Lviv, Ukraine photo 1





Lviv Chocolate Factory

The chocolate factory located in the historic center of Lviv (Serbskaya Str., 3) is one of the attractions of the city. Through the glass walls you can see how the chocolate is transformed into candies, different figures, figurines, etc.

The candies have very interesting and fancy names: “Cherry Agrafka”, “Gratulyatsiya”, “Frau Zimmer Black”, “Walnut Bandzoh”, “Sweet Patsorki”, “Strawberry Tsemka”. The chocolate shop offers 39 varieties of candies. You can buy them individually and in sets. On the walls you can see large pictures of all the candies with a detailed description of the chocolate and fillings.

Lviv Chocolate Factory, Ukraine view 1