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Golden Autumn in Alexandria Dendrological Park

Alexandria is the State Dendrological Park of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, located in city of Bila Tserkva in the Kyiv region, about 80 km from Kyiv. One of the largest parks in Eastern Europe, it is a monument of landscape art, founded in the late 18th century.

The park is an example of landscape park composition, which is based on plants, architectural structures, sculptures, water surface of the Ros River and ponds. Photos by: Roman Naumov.

Golden Autumn in Alexandria Dendrological Park, Bila Tserkva, Ukraine, photo 1

beautiful autumn views




A small tour of the city Bila Tserkva

Bila Tserkva (“White Church”) is a city in Kiev region, founded in 1032, with a population of about 210 thousand people. The city is located south of Kiev at a distance of about 84 kilometers.

The city is a well-known Ukrainian climatic and spa resort. It is easy to get to Bila Tserkva, highway E95 passes close to the city. Also, there are numerous trains running from Kiev to Bila Tserkva. Photos by Roman Naumov

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Bila Tserkva – the toy city

Bila Tserkva is a city located in Kiev oblast of Ukraine, about 80 km from the capital of the country. Bila Tserkva was founded in 1032 by Yaroslav the Wise. The name of the city means “White Church” which may refer to the (no longer extant) white-painted cathedral of medieval town.

The photos were processed in “tilt-shift” style, which blurs the line between reality and the toy world. Photos by Roman Naumov

Bila Tserkva city, Ukraine tilt-shift photo 1



State Dendrology Park of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “Alexandria” is located in Bila Tserkva. The park is a monument of landscape architecture. It was founded in 1793 by hetman Francis-Xavier Branitsky and named in honor of his wife Alexandra.

Bila Tserkva park is considered to be one of the best and largest in Europe. The plan was created by the French park designer Myuffo. It occupies the territory of over 200 hectares, has 25 water reservoirs and about 2,500 species of plants, including rare plants from South America, China and Japan. Photos by Roman Naumov

Snowy Alexandria park, Bila Tserkva, Ukraine photo 1