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Oleksandriya is a small town (about 90,000) in Kirovograd oblast of Ukraine. The town is located about 75 km northeast of Kirovograd, capital city of the region, almost in the center of Ukraine. There are two forests within the city limits with the total area of about 370 hectares.

Oleksandriya gave the world several famous people. The Hero of the Soviet Union Pyotr Koshevoy, cosmonaut Leonid Popov, a scholar of Slavic world Dmitry Chizhevsky were born here. Among the main places of interest of Oleksandriya is the local museum opened in June 1967.


Abandoned opencast brown coal mine Morozovskiy is located near the city of Oleksandriya (Kirovograd oblast). The enterprise is under liquidation, coal mining is not carried out for 5 years, despite the fact that the brown coal reserves are sufficient for at least another 20 years of active mining.

The mine is flooded by groundwater. Several machines were built before the Second World War. Photos by general-kosmosa.

Post-apocalyptic views of abandoned mine, Ukraine 1


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