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Mysterious underground maze of Odesa

Odesa, a large Ukrainian city on the Black Sea coast, is often called “The Pearl of the South”. But it is known not only for its beautiful architecture. Odesa has an incredible system of catacombs stretching even beyond the city limits.

Most of the catacombs are former quarries, in which shell stone was mined for the construction of Odessa. Mining was done chaotically and as a result a huge underground maze appeared.

Underground Odessa, Ukraine view 1

underground Odesa

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What to Pack When Studying Abroad

Time to pack for your study abroad trip now that the paperwork is done! Consider what to bring carefully. This can be tough because you’ll be away for a long time. You’ll be halfway across the world and don’t want to forget something important.

Studying abroad is seriously awesome for college students! You get to go to a new country, soak up its beauty, and dive into its culture. It’s such a rewarding experience! Sort out the necessary things that you need to bring. You must ensure you have everything you need for this exciting adventure!

What to pack when studying abroad
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto.


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It can be tough to remain productive when working from home. We’re faced with juggling the responsibilities of our day job with family as well as numerous daily household obligations. Those of us who work from home, whether self-employed, freelancers, or remote workers employed by mainstream companies, are all too familiar with the pitfalls of losing focus at times, or worse, procrastinating. That’s when a guide to overcoming procrastination can be useful. But we still need to find ways to be more disciplined and organized.

To help you be more productive while working remotely, whether you’re new to remote work or looking for ways to improve your work-life balance, we teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to take a closer look at some useful steps on how to be more focused and productive while working from home.

Stay productive from home, Ukraine, photo 1


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Church of St. Nicholas in Marshyntsi

Marshyntsi is a large village with a population of about 5,000 people located in the south of Chernivtsi Oblast of Ukraine, 30 km southeast of Chernivtsi, near the border with Romania.

The local architectural landmark is the Church of St. Nicholas, built of red brick either in 1887 or 1913. It is a unique monument of religious architecture for this part of Ukraine, the only one of its kind on the territory of Northern Bukovina and Northern Bessarabia. Marshyntsi on Google Maps. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

Church of St. Nicholas in Marshyntsi, Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine, photo 1

picturesque brick church

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The monastery of the Basilian Order and the Church of St. Yury, located in the town of Chervonohrad in the north of Lviv Oblast, are architectural monuments of national importance in Ukraine. Today, they belong to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

The monastery was founded by the Polish nobleman Franciszek Salezy Potocki (1700-1772) for the Basilian Order in 1763. In 1771-1776, on the site of the wooden buildings of the monastery, the present buildings were erected. The construction was led by the Czech architect Johan Kasper Selner. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

Basilian Monastery and Church of St. Yury in Chervonohrad, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, photo 1

beautiful monastery

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College students have always been the driving force of progress. Representing the younger generation, they have multiple times changed the history of humanity to build a better and brighter future for themselves.

Their schedules might be packed. Indeed, due to a hefty academic load, they tend to spend nearly 100% of their time studying and doing homework. However, they never stay away when there is a fight for something that matters to them. They find ways to take care of their academic matters. Now, for example, they can just say, “I want to pay to do my paper,” and get professional help with their tasks. This way, they get enough time to stand up for important things. And that’s why they always seem to be there when major changes occur.

Good examples of these statements are Ukrainian students. Ukraine has a long history of fighting for freedom and independence, and students have often played a crucial role in these struggles. In this article, we will take a walk down memory lane and remember the main examples of times when Ukraine’s fight for freedom depended on students.

Beautiful Ukraine, photo 1


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School breaks are a perfect opportunity for students to explore new places and create unforgettable memories. Ukraine is a country full of rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture that has been gaining more and more attention in recent years.

Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine has a fascinating history, a unique culture, and a strong tradition of education that make it an ideal destination for students looking to broaden their horizons and learn something new.

School break places, Ukraine, photo 1


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Thinking about spending the spring holidays in the mountains? If so, the Ukrainian Carpathians have some of the most beautiful, pristine landscapes and cozy villages and towns to offer you – all at an affordable cost!

While some of the entries on this list are famous for their ski resorts and winter tourism, they all deserve your visit around the year, too. From wide hiking paths to lively village life, they can accommodate tourists of all kinds!

Don’t have time for spring break because of a pile of college assignments? You can still make it – all you need to do is turn to write my paper for me and offload your homework! And then, go ahead and plan your adventure in these eight best places to see in spring.

Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine, photo 1


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Belz is a small town with a population of about 2,200 located in Lviv Oblast of Ukraine, about 70 km north of Lviv. It is the oldest town in the region and one of the oldest in western Ukraine.

This town has a number of preserved architectural monuments. One of them is the wooden Church of St. Paraskeva – an architectural monument of national importance located in the old cemetery of Belz. Church of St. Paraskeva in Belz on Google Maps. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

Wooden Church of St. Paraskeva in Belz, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, photo 1

picturesque monument of wooden architecture

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Budenets is a village with a population of about 1,300 people located in the southwest of Chernivtsi Oblast of Ukraine, about 30 km from the city of Chernivtsi and 16 km from the Ukrainian border with Romania.

In the past, Budenets was the property of the Polish feudal family of Wolczynski. According to legend, the palace in Budenets was built by a man named Mikuli, whom the daughter of the landowner Wolczynski married. Budenets on Google Maps. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

Palace of Mikuli-Wolczynski in Budenets, Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine, photo 1

picturesque pseudo-Gothic palace

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