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The New Year Tree on Freedom Square in Kharkov

If you come to Svoboda (Freedom) Square in Kharkov these days, you will find yourself in a beautiful New Year fairy tale. The photos are from horoshiyblog


Kharkov is ready to celebrate the New Year


September 27, 2014, the city of Khmelnitsky celebrated the 583rd anniversary of its founding. In honor of this event, the record launch of sky lanterns was held.

18100 sky lanterns were launched into the sky. Today, it is the best record in the world. About 16 thousand people took part in this event called “Sky lanterns in the sky – peace on Earth.”




Happy New Year 2014!

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2014!

In the coming year, we wish you a lot of happy days and good luck in all your endeavors!

Happy New Year 2014

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August 24, Ukrainians celebrated the 22nd anniversary of independence of Ukraine. The main celebrations were held in Kyiv.

On this day, many Ukrainians came on the central square of Kyiv, Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) dressed in “vyshivanka” (traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts). Let’s take a look at them. Photos by Karpov Igorok

Ukrainians celebrating Independence Day, Kyiv photo 1

more photos of Ukrainians


May 12, 2013, the Black Sea Fleet of Russia celebrated its 230th birthday. The fleet was founded in 1783 after the annexation of Crimea to Russia. It was based in Akhtiar Bay, in the south-west coast of the Crimean peninsula. Later, the city of Sevastopol was founded there.

In Sevastopol, the main base of the Black Sea Fleets of Russia and Ukraine, a joint parade of warships was held. The celebration ended with fireworks. Here are some pictures of the parade taken by Petr Ushanov

The Black Sea Fleet parade, Sevastopol, Ukraine photo 1

More picturesque views of the warships


For many centuries Lviv pleases its residents and visitors with a unique aura of coffee and chocolate aroma. February 14-17, the Lviv Palace of Arts (Copernicus Street, 17) was hosting a delicious holiday – the 6th National Day of Chocolate.

The city invited everyone to taste the best sweets and a variety of chocolate candy. The festival once again broke the record for the number of kinds of chocolate and chocolate products presented.

National Day of Chocolate in Lviv, Ukraine photo 1





Happy New Year!

Dear visitors of our blog about Ukraine! We wish you Happy New Year and good luck in all your endeavors in 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!




Happy New Year 2013 from Chernihiv

The other day the main Christmas tree of Chernihiv was unveiled in the central square of the city. The main event of the show was a carnival procession of Santas, Snow Maidens and fairytale characters through the city center.

Here is a glimpse of Chernihiv at this time of the year.

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Fireworks on Independence Day in Kiev

August 24, Ukraine celebrated its Independence Day. 21 years ago, the Supreme Council of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic adopted the Act of Independence of Ukraine, which is considered to be the date of formation of the Ukrainian state in its present form.

This day many Ukrainian cities have different celebrations including fireworks. The main firework is held on Independence Square in Kiev.


Navy Day is one of the most favorite holidays in Sevastopol. Thousands of people literally occupy every possible place to watch the water area of the bay, where the parade and show of naval forces take place.

This year’s celebration of Navy Day was held on July 29 and was joint. From 2011 the Ukrainian Navy Day is celebrated on the same date as the Russian Navy Day.

The parade on the day of the Navy in Sevastopol photo 1



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