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The Valley of Ghosts is a numerous collection of stone sculptures on the slopes of the Southern Demerdzhi Mountain located near Alushta city.

The shapes of stone figures resemble human figures, animals, mysterious creatures, objects, and, depending on time of day and lighting, their images are changing. In addition thick fog is common there.

The Valley of Ghosts, Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine view 1


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The Marble Cave is a cave located in Crimea, on the lower plateau of Chatyr-Dag mountain, a popular tourist site. In 1987, Simferopol speleologists discovered unique huge cave with a complex system of halls and galleries. It was named The Marble Cave. The entrance to the cave is located at 920 meters above sea level.

After detailed research the cave was equipped with concrete paths, handrails, lighting for speleological tours. The Marble Cave was opened to the public in 1989. It has been visited by several hundred thousand visitors since that time.

The Marble Cave, Crimea, Ukraine view 1





Eski-Kermen – medieval underground city

Eski-Kermen is a medieval fortress-city located in the southwestern part of Crimean peninsula, about 14 km to the south of Bakhchisaray city. The name Eski-Kermen means “Old Fortress”.

The territory of the city occupies an area of 8.5 hectares, with a length of 1040 m and 170 m in width. Eski-Kermen was built on the plateau bounded by cliffs up to 30 m tall. Photos by Denis Frantsouzov.

Eski-Kermen - medieval underground fortress-city view 1


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The video tour of Crimean sights

The following video was shot in July 17-28, 2011 during a trip to Crimea in one of the most wonderful and protected places – the settlement Noviy Svet (“New World”).

Also the video has episodes of a trip to Mount Ai-Petri, mountain river in the Grand Canyon of Crimea, the cave town Chufut-Calais, cruise along the magnetic mountain, volcano Kara-Dag and its “Golden Gate”, and of course well-known and most preserved ancient fortress in Crimea – Genoese fortress.

First of all, the video focuses on those who want to go on vacation in Crimea. The author of the video is Anton Starikov.


Balaklava is a town on the southwestern coast of the Crimean peninsula. Administratively it is a part of Sevastopol city but in fact Balaklava is separated from the rest of Sevastopol by a few kilometers of undeveloped area.

Today Balaklava is a popular Crimean resort. Tourists are attracted by the town with long history and numerous monuments, spectacular cliffs and beaches.

Abandoned military hospital, Balaklava, Crimea, Ukraine view 1


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Picturesque poppy field of Volyn

The lakes, rivers, forests, medicinal muds, mineral waters, hunting, fishing, all these create necessary conditions for the development of travel and tourism industry in Volyn oblast. Full value rest and recreation are available. As an example have a look at this beautiful poppy field – wonderful views! Photos by av_otus.

Volyn oblast poppy field view 1



Let’s have a look at nice sceneries of provincial life in Khmelnitsky and Ternopil oblasts taken by horoshiyblog.

Ukrainian province view 1


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