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The Ghost Valley is an area in the Crimea, the concentration of fantastically shaped rocks on the western slope of the southern ridge of Demerji massif (near Alushta).

Their shapes resemble mysterious statues of humans, animals, creatures from fairy tales, various objects, and depending on the time of day and lighting their shapes are changing.

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The mysteries of foggy Demirdzhi Mountains

Demirdzhi is a mountain range located in the Alushta region of Crimea, Ukraine. “Demirdzhi” translated from the Crimean Tatar language means “smith”. In the Middle Ages, the Greeks called it Funa – “smoking”.

Over time from exposure to wind and water the limestone collapses, forming numerous “sculptures” of the more solid rock. When the clouds are covering the mountains you can see mysterious silhouettes in the fog, which disappear in a moment.

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The Valley of Ghosts is a numerous collection of stone sculptures on the slopes of the Southern Demerdzhi Mountain located near Alushta city.

The shapes of stone figures resemble human figures, animals, mysterious creatures, objects, and, depending on time of day and lighting, their images are changing. In addition thick fog is common there.

The Valley of Ghosts, Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine view 1


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