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Dnepropetrovsk (Ukrainian spelling Dnipropetrovsk) is the fourth largest city in Ukraine (population about 1 million). The city is an administrative center of Dnepropetrovsk oblast located in the south-central part of Ukraine.

Dnepropetrovsk is one of the largest industrial, economic and transport centers, the center of metallurgy and space capital of Ukraine. Also informally the city is a business capital of the country. Dnepropetrovsk has a number of beautiful churches, museums, monuments, boulevards, and other sights.

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Beautiful time-lapse of Kharkiv

Kharkiv (spelled Kharkov in Russian) is one of the largest cities in Ukraine, important cultural and educational center of the country. Interesting fact, it is the largest city in the world on the 50th latitude: it is larger than Krakov, Prague, Meinz, Ust-Kamenogorsk.

The city will host group stage matches of Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Portugal during the coming Euro 2012 on Metalist stadium renovated in 2009.

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The time-lapse video of Sumy

Sumy is a city and administrative center of Sumy oblast located in the northeastern Ukraine, standing on the Psyol River.

The city received its name after the rivers Suma and Sumka which washed the city from 2 sides. There is a legend that hunters’ bags (“suma” in Russian) were found in the area. This fact is reflected in the city coat-of-arms adopted in 1781.

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The power and beauty of Donetsk

Donetsk is one of the largest city of Ukraine, important railway and highway junction, industrial center of the country. The city will host several matches of coming Euro 2012.

Within Donetsk there are 22 operating coal mines which waste heaps are located close to inhabited districts. In central part of the city there is a large metallurgic plant.

Heavy air pollution in Donetsk is partly compensated by a lot of greenery and flowers. Over a half of the total city territory is occupied by greenery.

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The time-lapse video of Crimea

Crimea was one of the most famous resorts in the Russian Empire and later the Soviet Union. Today Crimea remains a favorite resort of Ukrainians and Russians because of its warm sea, clean air and bright sun.

Crimea is also a popular resort place because of numerous hot springs, mineral waters and the mud baths of Saky. A series of invasions has made the art, architecture and other parts of culture of Crimea what it is today.

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With the upcoming EURO 2012 Ukraine’s promotional campaign has started recently with the presentation of advertising video clip “Switch on Ukraine”. The video will be broadcast by major European TV channels.

But not all the people in Ukraine like it. There are a lot of doubts was it worth to spend about 500,000 USD to make it. That’s why several unofficial promo videos of Ukraine made almost for free only on the enthusiasm of the photographers have appeared. The following promo time-lapse is about Ukrainian capital city – Kyiv. The author is Yaroslav Yarko.

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Excellent time-lapse of Kiev

In addition to the previous post about Kiev views at night time here is nice promo time-lapse video of Kiev captured by Oleg Finger. The filming took place during July-September this year.

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Wonderful time-lapse of Rivne city

Rivne (Rovno) is a city located in the western part of Ukraine, capital city of Rivne oblast. The settlement is known from the year of 1283. There are monuments of history and architecture of different generations and epochs.

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What a great work was done by Yaroslav Yarko and Konstantin Ignatenko to make this short movie about Cherkasy!

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