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Khortitsa is the largest island on the Dnieper River, located in the city of Zaporozhye below the DneproGES, unique natural and historical complex.

The island stretches from north-west to south-east, length – 12.5 km, average width – 2.5 km. In 2007, the island was named one of the “Seven Wonders of Ukraine.”

Zaporozhye Sich, Khortitsa Isle, Ukraine photo 1



Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is one of the first monasteries founded in Kievan Rus. The monastery was founded in 1051. Today, it is the center of Orthodoxy, one of the most important monasteries of the Christian world.

The lavra is located in the center of Kiev, on the right, the high bank of the Dnieper, and occupies two hills separated by deep ravines, leading down to the Dnieper. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra location on Google Maps. Photos by zubr14

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra monastery, Kiev, Ukraine photo 1


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Beautiful Ukrainian folk song

Beautiful and a little sad Ukrainian folk song “Тихо над річкою” (can be translated something like “Silence over the river”) sung by Canadian trio “Voloshky”.


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Beautiful music played by the folk instruments orchestra of Kamenets-Podolskiy National University named after Ivan Ogienko.




How Ukrainian Cossacks play football

“The Cossacks” is a series of animated shorts produced in the USSR by the Ukrainian film studio “Kievnauchfilm”. The following cartoon about how the Cossacks play football was filmed in 1970.

The cartoon surprisingly accurately predicted the group of Ukraine at the recent European football championship 2012, and even the order of the matches is correct: Sweden, France, England. The score of the match Ukraine-Sweden (2-1) is also correctly predicted.

And finally there is a scene with heavy rain that is similar to what happened during the match Ukraine-France in Donetsk.


The song and dance group “Donbass” is a card of Donbass region. The group is the winner of numerous international and local folk dance festivals and contests.

They are ready to respond to the invitation from all over the world and arrange an unforgettable concert. The address: Ukraine, Donetsk city, Savchenko Str., 42. Email: The site of the group:


Nice song and illustrations :)

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The museum of Pysanka (Easter egg) in Kolomiya

Pysanka by itself is mostly chicken (goose) egg, painted on a specific technology with wax and natural or aniline dyes. Pysanka quickly blended into the Christian Easter ritual. The pictures on pysankas have the images of crosses, churches, bell towers, signs with Easter greetings.

Pysanka museum, Kolomiya, Ukraine view 1


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Ukrainian Statue of Liberty

Everyone knows the symbol of the United States – the Statue of Liberty. But do you know that there is Ukrainian Statue of Liberty in Lviv? The people also call it lazy statue.

It is placed on the facade of the State Museum of Ethnography of Ukraine located at Svobody (Liberty) Avenue, 15. The photo was taken by Oleg Grigoryev.

Statue of Liberty, Lviv, Ukraine




Marusia – Ukrainian folk song

Wonderful Ukrainian folk song from the collection of Ukrainian wedding songs “Wedding in the Carpathians”. Happy husband sings about his beautiful wife.

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