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Walking the streets of ancient Lviv

Lviv architecture reflects a lot of European styles corresponding to different historical epochs. Fortunately the city was not heavily damaged during the wars of the 20th century.

After fires of 1527 and 1556 there were almost no traces of Gothic Lviv, but the following epochs are well presented: Renaissance, baroque, classicism. The historical center of Lviv has a lot of architectural monuments of the 14th-17th centuries.




How Ukrainian Cossacks play football

“The Cossacks” is a series of animated shorts produced in the USSR by the Ukrainian film studio “Kievnauchfilm”. The following cartoon about how the Cossacks play football was filmed in 1970.

The cartoon surprisingly accurately predicted the group of Ukraine at the recent European football championship 2012, and even the order of the matches is correct: Sweden, France, England. The score of the match Ukraine-Sweden (2-1) is also correctly predicted.

And finally there is a scene with heavy rain that is similar to what happened during the match Ukraine-France in Donetsk.




Emotions of Ukrainian fans at Euro 2012

Ukraine national team lost to England with a score of 0-1 and finished its participation in the European Championship 2012, ranked third in the group.

The team can be congratulated on a good debut in the final stages of the European championships. Ukrainians showed the ability to play great games and to accept defeat bravely and with dignity.

Let’s recall the most striking moment when the Ukrainian national team won its first game with Sweden and what were the emotions of fans across the country.

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Oleksandriya is a small town (about 90,000) in Kirovograd oblast of Ukraine. The town is located about 75 km northeast of Kirovograd, capital city of the region, almost in the center of Ukraine. There are two forests within the city limits with the total area of about 370 hectares.

Oleksandriya gave the world several famous people. The Hero of the Soviet Union Pyotr Koshevoy, cosmonaut Leonid Popov, a scholar of Slavic world Dmitry Chizhevsky were born here. Among the main places of interest of Oleksandriya is the local museum opened in June 1967.




Beautiful time-lapse of Kharkiv

Kharkiv (spelled Kharkov in Russian) is one of the largest cities in Ukraine, important cultural and educational center of the country. Interesting fact, it is the largest city in the world on the 50th latitude: it is larger than Krakov, Prague, Meinz, Ust-Kamenogorsk.

The city will host group stage matches of Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Portugal during the coming Euro 2012 on Metalist stadium renovated in 2009.

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Goodbye winter – storm and ice in Yalta

Spring came to Ukraine, and summer is close, but it would be great to feel the atmosphere of cold winter once again and the following video fits in quite handy.

February 7, 2012 a heavy storm came to Yalta, famous resort city located in the Crimea Republic. The next day, the embankment was covered with a thick layer of ice, which created numerous bizarre and picturesque views.

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The time-lapse video of Sumy

Sumy is a city and administrative center of Sumy oblast located in the northeastern Ukraine, standing on the Psyol River.

The city received its name after the rivers Suma and Sumka which washed the city from 2 sides. There is a legend that hunters’ bags (“suma” in Russian) were found in the area. This fact is reflected in the city coat-of-arms adopted in 1781.

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The beauty of Ukrainian girls

Present Ukraine is becoming a more popular tourist destination. The country is rich in interesting places to visit, architectural, and natural monuments.

But a lot of tourists visit Ukraine attracted by the beautiful women living here. For example, Nikolaev is often called the “city of brides”, and now it is the center of the marriage tourism services. The following video “Ukrainian beauty” shows the beauty of Ukrainian girls.




Interesting facts about Ukraine

Several interesting facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Not sure that all of the facts can be related to Ukraine for sure because this country has numerous historic connections with Russia and for a long period of time these countries were together in the Russian Empire and the USSR.

But nevertheless enjoy your journey to discover Ukraine and its heritage!

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The power and beauty of Donetsk

Donetsk is one of the largest city of Ukraine, important railway and highway junction, industrial center of the country. The city will host several matches of coming Euro 2012.

Within Donetsk there are 22 operating coal mines which waste heaps are located close to inhabited districts. In central part of the city there is a large metallurgic plant.

Heavy air pollution in Donetsk is partly compensated by a lot of greenery and flowers. Over a half of the total city territory is occupied by greenery.

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