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Picturesque Old Houses of Mariupol

Mariupol is a large city located in the Donetsk region in the east of Ukraine, on the shore of the Azov Sea, a major seaport, as well as a climatic and mud resort. In 2016, Mariupol was recognized by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as one of the most comfortable cities for living in the country.

Mariupol has a large number of interesting old buildings constructed in the 19th – first half of the 20th centuries. Unfortunately not all of them are in a well-preserved condition. Let’s look at some of them. Photos by: Evgeny Sosnovsky.

The house of Dr. Gamper (1897) – one of the most interesting architectural sights of the city. Zems’ka Street, 45.

The house of Dr. Gamper (1897).

“House with Lions” built in the early 20th century.

Water Tower (1909-1910).

Houses on Fontanna Street.

Gurovich’s House.

Teatral’na Square.

Teatral’nyi Public Garden.

Colorful autumn in Mariupol.

The building of the Federation of Greek Societies of Ukraine (Hrets’ka Street, 63).

House with a spire (1953) (Kuinji Street, 35).

Houses with spires.

Hotel “Spartak” (Kharlampiivs’ka Street, 13).

House on Mytropolyts’ka Street.

Medical school on Mytropolyts’ka Street.

Houses on Fontanna Street.

House at the intersection of Heorhiivs’ka and Hrets’ka streets.

House of Tomaso. Former hotel “Continental” (Kharlampiivs’ka Street, 17).

House on Hrets’ka Street.

The building of the former district spiritual school (1880) (Mytropolyts’ka Street, 37).

Mariupol College (1899) (Heorhiivs’ka, 69).

House on Hrets’ka Street.

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