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As a result of heavy rain and hail happened yesterday, July 4, several streets and avenues in the southern part of Kharkov were flooded. Dozens of trees fell into the streets, breaking power lines and paralyzing traffic. The water level reached the license plates of the cars on Moskovsky Prospect – the main transport line of Kharkov.
According to the meteorologist, the amount of precipitation (43 mm) exceeded the norm by six times. In addition, there was a strong wind up to 36 m/sec.





What if Kiev will be standing on the water?

It will be a magnificent view of fantastic Kiev city like this one occasionally created by Oleg Stelmakh.

Kiev standing on the water




Poltava museum of the local lore

Poltava museum of the local lore is one of the oldest museums of Ukraine founded in 1891 by professor Vasily Dokuchaev as a museum of Poltava region nature and history.

Museum of local lore, Poltava, Ukraine view 1


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Ukrainian Statue of Liberty

Everyone knows the symbol of the United States – the Statue of Liberty. But do you know that there is Ukrainian Statue of Liberty in Lviv? The people also call it lazy statue.

It is placed on the facade of the State Museum of Ethnography of Ukraine located at Svobody (Liberty) Avenue, 15. The photo was taken by Oleg Grigoryev.

Statue of Liberty, Lviv, Ukraine




The photos of Odessa in 1890-1905

Odessa city standing on Black Sea coast is often called the “Pearl of the South”. And here are several nice pictures of the city taken about one century ago.

Odessa city, Ukraine 1890-1905 photo 1



Zhovkva is a town located close to Lviv, the capital city of Lviv oblast. The town is known for a number of historical and architectural monuments. The photos were captured by Alexander Lipilin.

Zhovkva, Ukraine view 1





The bird’s eye views of Lviv city

Lviv architecture reflects a lot of European styles corresponding to different historical epochs. The historical center of Lviv has a lot of architectural monuments of the 14th-17th centuries. The following photos were taken by basart2007.

Lviv city, Ukraine bird's eye view 1



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