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Provincial Towns of Ukraine – Lebedyn

Lebedyn is a small town with a population of about 26 thousand people located in the Sumy region, 50 km south-west of the city of Sumy.

It was founded as a stronghold of the Belgorod fortified line on the Olshanka River in 1653 and originally was a fort with 12 wooden towers, the settlement around the fort appeared in 1654. Photos by: gatta_bianka.

Ascension Church (1849-1858).

One of the town schools.

Post office.

Outdoor flower beds.

Medical school.

On the streets of Lebedyn there is a lot of greenery.


Another school.

Trade rows built in the style of late classicism (1847-1856).

The fire tower, the former house of the town government (1913-1915).

Church of St. Nicholas (1914).

Beautiful flowerbed near the church.

Local History Museum.

Art Museum. On Sunday, both museums are closed due to the fact that they are mostly visited by local schoolchildren on weekdays and there are practically no tourists here.

Bus station.

Printing house.

House of Culture.

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