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Best-Known Ukrainian Superstitions

Superstitions are something that you will find in every country and culture, but none more so than where Ukrainians are concerned. In most circumstances, superstitions are derived from ancient traditions, which have then been passed along generations, seeing them remain intact years down the line.

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Knocking On Wood

In terms of one of the most famous Ukrainian traditions, knocking on a piece of wood stands out from the crowd. The belief is that knocking on wood gets rid of the evil eye, which will then dispel bad luck. In essence, you touch wood, and you touch Christ, which is why the evil eye retreats. Of course, not everyone has wood in reach of them, which means some will knock on their head instead. It probably explains why we all know someone who enjoys casino games online and when playing at the roulette table, touches wood beforehand, or performs another similar ritual, hoping to attract some good luck and scare away any unlucky spirits.

Sitting Before A Journey

Ukrainians believe when they’re at home, this is when evil spirits come into play and attach themselves to people. And when we say attach, we mean they begin clinging to people. So, when heading out for whatever the reason, like to explore not so well known places in the country, it’s possible that the evil spirits are going to travel with the person. However, this isn’t necessarily the case if an individual takes evasive action, and the way they do this is simply by sitting down. You see, when the spirits believe a person is going to be on the move, and they suddenly sit down and don’t appear to be going anywhere, there’s a ton of confusion, which will see the evil spirits lose interest.

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Don’t Pass Anything Over A Doorstep

Another Ukrainian belief is that nothing should ever be passed from one person to another across a doorstep. And again, it’s going to take rolling back the years and checking out old traditions to determine why this is the case. In ancient times, it was customary for the ashes of those who have passed through generations of a family to be buried under a family home’s doorstep. So, by then going on to pass things from one person to another over a doorstep, it means that there is the potential for the spirit of the person to who the ashes belong to then be disturbed.

Never Take Garbage Out At Night

What’s interesting about the superstition revolving around taking out the garbage at night is interesting, as there are a couple of explanations, so it depends on which one you go with as the reason why you’d adhere to such a tradition. The first reason why taking out the garbage at night is because if you do, it’s believed that you will be surrounded by bad rumors because people will question why you’ve waited until night-time and darkness to take out the garbage. The second reason sees people believe that by going outside to put the garbage out at night will see the home invaded by evil spirits, who will stay until the morning.

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