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Eski-Kermen – medieval underground city

Eski-Kermen is a medieval fortress-city located in the southwestern part of Crimean peninsula, about 14 km to the south of Bakhchisaray city. The name Eski-Kermen means “Old Fortress”.

The territory of the city occupies an area of 8.5 hectares, with a length of 1040 m and 170 m in width. Eski-Kermen was built on the plateau bounded by cliffs up to 30 m tall. Photos by Denis Frantsouzov.

Eski-Kermen - medieval underground fortress-city view 1


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“The Kievan Rus Park” project is the historical and cultural center of ancient Rus. The main idea of the project is to recreate the cultural and architectural image of Kiev’s Detinets-Kremlin of the 5th-13th centuries in original size as well as recreation the atmosphere of Kievan Rus epoch.

The Park’s total area is over 50 ha. The park should become one of the main Ukrainian tourist centers.

The Kievan Rus Park, Ukraine view 1



Podgoretsky Castle is a well-preserved Renaissance palace surrounded by fortifications. The castle is located in the east of Lviv oblast in Podgortsy village. Together with Olesky and Zolochevsky castles it forms the “Golden Horseshoe of Ukraine” (tourist route of Lviv region castles).

The castle is a square from the east, south and west surrounded by lines of fortifications. At the site of today’s castle there were more ancient fortifications mentioned in 1530. Present Podgoretsky castle was built during 1635-1640.

Podgoretsky Castle, Lviv oblast, Ukraine view 1


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Massandra Palace is one of the most interesting monuments of 19th century architecture located near Yalta city of Crimea Republic.

The palace was built in the style of French chateaux of the Renaissance. The elements of different styles (Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism) were used in the interior decoration. Photos by holy-mozart.

Massandra Palace, Yalta, Crimea view 1


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The presentation movie of Ukraine

Hospitable Ukraine is a nice movie about some of the attractions of beautiful Ukraine with a little bit of advertisement but still worth seeing.

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Olesky castle is the oldest castle that has been preserved in the western Ukraine. It is located near small town of Olesko, Bussky district, Lviv oblast. Olesky castle is oval in shape and dominates Olesko town standing on 50-meter natural hill. Photos by Alexander Lipilin.

Olesky castle, Lviv oblast, Ukraine view 1


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The museum of Pysanka (Easter egg) in Kolomiya

Pysanka by itself is mostly chicken (goose) egg, painted on a specific technology with wax and natural or aniline dyes. Pysanka quickly blended into the Christian Easter ritual. The pictures on pysankas have the images of crosses, churches, bell towers, signs with Easter greetings.

Pysanka museum, Kolomiya, Ukraine view 1


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The video tour of Crimean sights

The following video was shot in July 17-28, 2011 during a trip to Crimea in one of the most wonderful and protected places – the settlement Noviy Svet (“New World”).

Also the video has episodes of a trip to Mount Ai-Petri, mountain river in the Grand Canyon of Crimea, the cave town Chufut-Calais, cruise along the magnetic mountain, volcano Kara-Dag and its “Golden Gate”, and of course well-known and most preserved ancient fortress in Crimea – Genoese fortress.

First of all, the video focuses on those who want to go on vacation in Crimea. The author of the video is Anton Starikov.


Genoese fortress in Sudak (south-eastern Crimea) was constructed from 1371 to 1469. The fortress has the buildings of 6-15th centuries: the defensive walls and towers, castle, churches.

In the 11-12th centuries, the town became a major center of international trade. Since the end of the 13th century, Italian city-republics of Genoa and Venice were struggling for the town, and in 1365 it came under the control of the Genoese. The bulk of surviving to the present day architecture refers to the Genoese period. Photos by Konstantin Brizhnichenko.

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Kamenets Podolskiy is one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine first time mentioned in 1062. Thanks to unique combination of historical, architectural, town-building heritage, the river Smotrich canyon landscapes, the “Old town” of the city is declared a state historical and architectural reserve.

There are about 200 buildings and constructions of 11th-19th centuries. Powerful fortifications of the “Old town”, a fortress and a fortress bridge, a combination of cult constructions make an unforgettable impression. Photos by horoshiyblog.

Kamenets Podolskiy city, Ukraine scenery 1



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