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Zhmerinka railway station – the ship sailing to Odessa

Zhmerinka is a town located in Vinnitsa oblast of Ukraine. The town is known from the 18th century. Main attraction of Zhmerinka is the railway station built in 1899-1904.

The building of the station was constructed in the shape of a ship sailing to Odessa probably because it was the first railway line leading to the sea.

Zhmerinka railway station, Ukraine view 1

The covered platforms are looking like the decks of the ship, the dome on the roof is in the form of the bridge. Inside there are spacious lobbies, hallways, lounges, restaurant. It is really quite uncommon architectural structure, which has received the status of architectural monument.

Zhmerinka railway station, Ukraine view 2

Zhmerinka station is more than the ordinary railway station. It is the geographical center of the town, informal center of its cultural life. The photos by horoshiyblog.

Zhmerinka railway station, Ukraine view 3

Zhmerinka railway station, Ukraine view 4

Zhmerinka railway station, Ukraine view 5

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  • Pavel Solovyovsky · August 4, 2022 at 9:15 am

    memories of my childhood. Was supposed to visit in 2022 but Covid hit and then the war. Have not been to my grandfather’s gravesite to pay my respects


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