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Golden autumn in the Ukrainian Carpathians

What a great series of photos! Spectacular views of the Ukrainian Carpathians during wonderful time of the year – golden autumn. Photos by Nickolay Khoroshkov

Golden autumn in the Ukrainian Carpathians, photo 1

scenic views of the Carpathians




Bugskiy Gard National Park

Bugskiy Gard National Park is located in the picturesque valley of the Southern Bug River in Nikolaev region.

The park was created not so long ago, in 2009, to preserve unique wildlife, historical and cultural complexes of the Ukrainian south and quickly gained the status of one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

Bugskiy Gard National Park, Nikolaev region, Ukraine, photo 1

beautiful piece of nature

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Golden autumn in Ukraine

In Ukraine, it is the midst of the so-called “golden autumn” now. It is a relatively short time of the year when the trees already have a characteristic yellow-red autumn color and the weather is still sunny and clear. A great time for landscape photography!

This beautiful photo was taken near the village of Gineevka located to the south of Kharkov, the capital city of Kharkov region. Photo by Sergey Stepanenko

Golden autumn in Ukraine

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This lovely series of “foggy” pictures was taken ​​in the Ukrainian Carpathians, near Dzembronya mountain (1887 meters) – one of the peaks of Charnogora mountain range.

The mountain is located within the Carpathian National Nature Park, on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions. Dzembronya on Google Maps. Photos by Alexander Naumenko

Dzembronya mystical fog, the Ukrainian Carpathians, photo 1

misty Carpathians

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Magic of the Ukrainian Carpathians

What a magical place! This mysterious picture was taken near Dzembronya village in Verkhovinskiy district of Ivano-Frankivsk region by Sergey Polyushko

Magic of the Ukrainian Carpathians




The storm at sunset over Drobyshevo village

This beautiful picture with the impending storm, sunset, water meadow, river and ferry was taken ​​near the village of Drobyshevo located in Chernigov region. Photo by Alexander Naumenko

The storm at sunset over Drobyshevo village, Chernigov region, Ukraine

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Just another day in the Ukrainian Carpathians

The Ukrainian Carpathians located in the west of Ukraine mostly on the territory of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia, and Chernivtsi regions are a part of the mountain range of the Carpathian Mountains.

It would be so great to live among such beautiful scenery! Photo by Ilya Melikhov

Just another day in the Carpathians, Ukraine




Early morning on the Vorskla River

What a beautiful landscape! Early morning on a small river of Vorskla flowing near Okhtyrka town in Sumy region. Photo by Sergey Stepanenko

Early morning on the Vorskla River, Sumy region, Ukraine

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The salt desert near Odessa

Kuyal’nitsky estuary (liman) is an estuary located about 3 km to the north-west of the Black Sea coast (Odessa Bay), 5 km from Odessa. It is separated from the sea by three kilometers of a sand spit.

The lowest point of Ukraine (minus 5 meters above sea level) is located in this area. In the times of the Russian Empire, salt was mined here, and, during the Soviet era, this place was used as an all-Union health resort.

Salt desert near Odessa, Ukraine, photo 1

salt, it’s everywhere!

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“The Tunnel of Love” is a natural monument of local importance located near the village of Klevan in Rivne region. It is a botanical phenomenon – the green tunnel in woodland created by thickets of trees and shrubs intertwined with each other.

The tunnel is a place of pilgrimage for tourists and couples in love. There are several legends about the tunnel. Some newlyweds plant flowers that symbolize their feelings here. Photos by anderver

The Tunnel of Love, Rivne region, Ukraine, photo 1

amazingly picturesque place