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Painted bus stops in Poltava region

Take a look at these scenic bus stops located in Novosanzharsky district of Poltava region. Very colorful and lovely, it is not so boring to wait for a bus at such stops. Also, you can make nice memorable pictures.

Painted bus stops in Poltava region, Ukraine, photo 1

bus stops in provincial Ukraine




Disneyland near Kyiv

Imagine this situation: Kyiv region, you are driving on an empty night road in the direction of Kyiv, and about 30 km from the city, all of a sudden, about 500 meters from the highway, you can see such a sight.

It is not an entertainment or tourist center, but one of the largest film studios in Ukraine – VICTORIA FILM STUDIOS, located on Zhitomir highway Kyiv-Chop, near the village of Hurivshchyna. The location of the studios on Google Maps. The photos were taken by Sergiy Kotko.

Disneyland near Kyiv - Victoria Film Studios, photo 1

quite unexpected sight

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A few posts ago, we have seen the Ukrainian Carpathians in summer and now let’s go back in cold and snowy winter.

In general, winters in the Ukrainian Carpathians are not severe, the sun shines often and the weather is clear. Average winter temperatures in the mountains are 10-15 degrees Celsius below zero, sometimes it is very cold (up to 30 degrees below zero).

Winter in the Ukrainian Carpathians, photo 1

the scenery of a winter fairy tale

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Zalishchyky is a small resort town with a population of less than 10 thousand people located in a picturesque valley on the left bank of the Dniester River. It looks like that the Dniester River dances around this unique town situated in the south of Ternopil region.

It may even seem that just a little more and the river is going to strangle the town. Due to the high banks of the Dniester River, Zalishchyky has a climate close to the Mediterranean climate. Zalishchyky on Google Maps. The photos were taken by Igor Melika.

Zalishchyky resort town, Ternopil region, Ukraine, photo 1

fairytale town


Let’s for a moment run away from the cold and often overcast winter weather that prevails in Ukraine these days, and return to a warm and bright summer.

These beautiful photos were taken in the Ukrainian Carpathians by Anton Petrus.

Summer evenings in the Ukrainian Carpathians, photo 1

colorful Ukrainian summer

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Early in the morning on the Udy river

What a beautiful landscape! Early morning on the small river of Udy near Vodyane village located to the south of Kharkov city. Photo by Sergey Stepanenko

Early morning on the Udy river, Ukraine

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Let’s fly over Kharkiv region

Kharkiv oblast, the fourth largest region of Ukraine, is located in the northeast of the country. Steppe occupies most of the territory of the region.

Today, steppe in its original form survived almost nowhere in the region. It is plowed up under endless fields of wheat, corn, sunflower, sugar beet and other crops. Kharkiv region produces about 5% of the gross agricultural output of Ukraine.

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Bugskiy Gard National Park

Bugskiy Gard National Park is located in the picturesque valley of the Southern Bug River in Nikolaev region.

The park was created not so long ago, in 2009, to preserve unique wildlife, historical and cultural complexes of the Ukrainian south and quickly gained the status of one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

Bugskiy Gard National Park, Nikolaev region, Ukraine, photo 1

beautiful piece of nature

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Golden autumn in Ukraine

In Ukraine, it is the midst of the so-called “golden autumn” now. It is a relatively short time of the year when the trees already have a characteristic yellow-red autumn color and the weather is still sunny and clear. A great time for landscape photography!

This beautiful photo was taken near the village of Gineevka located to the south of Kharkov, the capital city of Kharkov region. Photo by Sergey Stepanenko

Golden autumn in Ukraine

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This lovely series of “foggy” pictures was taken ​​in the Ukrainian Carpathians, near Dzembronya mountain (1887 meters) – one of the peaks of Charnogora mountain range.

The mountain is located within the Carpathian National Nature Park, on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions. Dzembronya on Google Maps. Photos by Alexander Naumenko

Dzembronya mystical fog, the Ukrainian Carpathians, photo 1

misty Carpathians

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