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Kharkiv metro is a system of underground lines in Kharkiv, the fourth largest metro in the former USSR states (after metro in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev), the second by the number of stations and the length of the lines in Ukraine.

Metro was opened August 23, 1975. The total length of the lines is 39.3 km. There are 29 stations on three lines.

Kharkiv metro station, Ukraine photo 1

walk through Kharkiv metro




A Look at Kharkov from the Rooftops

Kharkov is the largest city in the eastern part of Ukraine and the second most populous city in the country. In Soviet times, it was the largest center of tank-, tractor-, and turbine manufacturing and the third largest industrial, scientific, and transportation center after Moscow and Leningrad.

In 2012, Kharkov was one of the four cities of Ukraine that hosted the European Football Championship 2012. Let’s take a look at the city from not quite usual angle – from Kharkov rooftops. Photos by Richard Zorge

Kharkov Ukraine - look from the rooftops photo 1

climb to the roofs of Kharkov


While the Russian Empire was coming to its end in the late 19th – early 20th century, the present capital of independent Ukraine was one of the most dynamic cities of the empire. Some of the new technologies were first introduced in Kiev and later extended to other imperial cities.

For example, in 1892, first in the Russian Empire electric tram appeared in Kiev; in 1902, the Kiev funicular was opened – the second funicular in the Russian Empire after the one in Odessa; the first stationary stadium in the empire was opened here in 1912; the same year, construction of Ginzburg skyscraper was completed – it was the tallest building in the Russian Empire.

Kiev, the Russian Empire, the late 19th century, photo 1



Swallow’s Nest (Lastochkino Gnezdo) is a unique architectural monument. This is one of the symbols of the Crimea and Ukraine. The building was designed by the famous architect A.V. Sherwood. Inaccessibility and romance are combined in this building.

It is a place with a beautiful view of the rock Parus, Yalta city, the Yalta bay, Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain). It is a place where romance and extreme can be found at the same time. Currently, Swallow’s Nest is one of the best restaurants in the Crimea.

Architectural monument Swallow's Nest and surroundings photo 1


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To the south-east of Svyatogorsk Lavra located in Donetsk oblast, there is amazing in its beauty wooden monastery of All Saints, which attracts the attention of pilgrims and tourists.

Perhaps it is the most unusual building in Svyatogorye. The monastery is very beautiful and even unexpected for these places. Its churches were built by local carpenters from massive pine logs and decorated with carvings in the ancient traditions of Russian wooden architecture of the 16th-17th centuries.

The wooden monastery of All Saints in Svyatogorsk Lavra photo 1


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Lviv from the height of 18 meters

Lviv was founded in the mid 13th century. In the Middle Ages, Lviv was an important trading center. During Austrian rule the town became a center of Ukrainian and Polish national liberation movements.

Before the Second World War the city belonged to Poland. In 1939, Lviv became the part of the Ukrainian SSR as a result of agreement between the Soviet Union and Germany (the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact).

Lviv from the height of 18 meters, Ukraine photo 1



Kamenets Podolskiy is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Because of unique combination of historical, architectural, and urban heritage, the “Old Town” is declared a state historical-architectural reserve.

The greatest value of the city is almost completely preserved historic center without inclusions of the 20th century architecture. Kamenets Podolskiy main attraction is its ancient fortress. The first buildings belong to the 11th-12th centuries, and the main building – the 16th-17th centuries. The fortress is considered a fine example of the best fortifications of Eastern Europe.

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Chernivtsi is a city in south-western Ukraine, 40 km north of the border with Romania, the administrative center of Chernivtsi region. The city is the historic center of Bukovina and, along with Lviv is the cultural center of western Ukraine.

Over the centuries, Chernivtsi formed as a city with a unique multi-style architecture and rich cultural heritage. It is one of the few cities in Ukraine, which is rightly considered the jewel of architecture. Photos by horoshiyblog

Chernovtsy city, Ukraine photo 1





The palace of the Crimean Khans

Bakhchisaray Khan’s Palace, the former residence of the Crimean Khans, is a historical and cultural monument of world importance, the world’s only example of the Crimean Tatar palace architecture. The palace is part of Bakhchisaray Historical and Cultural Reserve located in Bakhchisaray town, Crimea.

Entry to the museum is free, but you need a guided tour to get inside the palace. The territory of the palace complex is 4.3 hectares. The architectural style of the palace continues the tradition of Ottoman architecture of the 16th-17th centuries. Photos by Alexander Lipilin

Khan's Palace, Bakhchisaray, Crimea, Ukraine photo 1



Railways are still the most convenient way to travel in Ukraine.

Not a lot of flights are available, in spite of the fact that many cities have airports. The problem is that they were all built during the Soviet period, and need to be reconstructed. The cost of the tickets is also an issue.

Bus service is well developed, but because of the large size of the country, traveling by bus can be tedious and not safe, as the quality of roads is poor.

Chernigov railway station

Chernigov railway station, Ukraine photo 1


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