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Education in Ukraine: 5 Facts

Choosing where to study is a hard decision to make. Everyone wants to study at the most prestigious universities in the world, but your ability and chances at this are an entirely different matter. Moreover, there are students who want to step out of the conventional and common and try out something less popular.

Now, Ukraine might not be a highly popular choice due to the fact that this education in Ukraine is developing rather slowly. However, more and more students like the idea of studying in this little European gem.

That’s why I’ve decided to share with you five important facts about Ukrainian education. Some of these will amaze you, while others will leave you speechless. Regardless, I hope that these help you find the answer to your question: should I study in Ukraine?

Education in Ukraine - Lviv

Lviv – probably the most beautiful city in Ukraine. Source

1. Ukraine Spends a Fortune on Education

Did you know that Ukraine is one of the countries that spend the most on education on a worldwide level? A whopping 7 percent of their GDP is directed toward education funding. The 2017 law changes recently increased this percentage from 6 to 7 percent, hoping to remedy the issues regarding insufficient educator salaries and inadequate teaching facilities.

Yes, this is a slowly developing country in terms of education progress, but the truth is – their efforts are starting to really pay off. Despite their known language controversy surrounding their new educational law that insists that all secondary education is taught in Ukrainian, the reforms seem to bring positive results and a good forward motion for the educational system.

Also, let’s not forget the pace with which technology affects education today. The facts about Ukraine and their educational system have changed rather swiftly with the implementation of technology in the system. That being said, it’s expected that this country will soon step up and become a much stronger educational hub in Europe.

2. Ukraine is Amazingly Cheap for Students

Education in Ukraine is rather cheap, making this a perfect spot for those on a limited budget. Compared to most high educational institutions in the US, studying here is in dozens times cheaper! In comparison to high prices for a full course in medical institutions in, let’s say the US (between $200 000 and $450 000), this would cost a student up to $35 000 for the 6-year course in Ukraine.

Many correlate such low rates with average or low quality of education. That is not the case here. Ukraine is filled with recognizable schools and some of the oldest educational establishments known for their high-level performance. This makes it an amazing place for those who want to get great education at a low price.

Education in Ukraine - Kyiv

Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine. Source

3. Ukraine Offers an Extensive Choice of Academic Institutions

The biggest issues in Ukrainian education are alongside the lines of primary education. When it comes to higher education, Ukraine has a big list of educational institutions with versatile specialties and amazing costs. Their most popular study branch is the medical institution branch, listing some of the most respectable universities on a worldwide level.

Any facts about Ukrainians you’ll come across will probably tell you that this country is filled with helpful and friendly people. That being said, when you decide what school to enroll into, you can simply reach out to the institutions and experts and get their advice and guidance.

4. No Need to Pass TOEFL or IETLS for Admission

All those tough requirements that come with enrolling in a school abroad are non-existent if you choose to study in Ukraine. Those who study here can get rid of the stress caused by the big tests such as TOEFL or IETLS.

You might be experiencing difficulties with the language at first, which is why you might benefit by knowing about this team of essay writers that can help with many of your academic assignments. But, the fact remains that in this country, you can forget about those difficult language tests and solely prepare for the pre-admission process. Beware that some of the academic institutions will require you to pass their pre-admission exams, though.

5. Ukraine Offers Affordable Living Conditions for Foreign Students

As you now know, there are plenty of advantages from studying in Ukraine’s educational establishments. Accommodation is yet another of these benefits. Schools in Ukraine take good care of their foreign students and provide affordable, quality accommodation in separate hostels.

If you enroll to study in Ukraine, you’ll probably live in special blocks of comfortable, clean hostels separately from other students. In this way, you can still be in contact with the native students from Ukraine, but will also find it easier to adjust alongside fellow foreign students.

As an alternative, you can find and rent an apartment with friends or on your own near your school. This will come at a higher cost, so make sure to consider your budget before making the decision.


Studying abroad is challenging at first, but it can be the best decision you’ll ever make in your life. If you want something new and different, as well as highly affordable, Ukraine offers great education opportunities at low costs.

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Connie Elser is an editor for a US writing company. She has graduated in linguistics in Kyiv and obtained her Master’s degree in Slovenia. According to Elser, studying abroad has given her an opportunity to explore the world in the best way possible – while learning about it.

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