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Top 10 posts about Ukraine in 2015

Let’s sum up the year and look at the posts in our blog about Ukraine that became the most popular in 2015.

1. Odessa – the view from above. Odessa, one of the most famous Ukrainian cities, is known as the “Pearl of the South”.

Odessa - the view from above

2. The ruins of Nevytsky Castle. This picturesque castle is located 12 km north-east of Uzhhorod, the capital of the Zakarpattia region.

The ruins of Nevytsky Castle, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine

3. Architecture of the historical center of Lviv – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Architecture of the historical center of Lviv, Ukraine

4. Kharkov tank repair plant is probably the place with the highest density of tanks per square kilometer in the world.

Kharkov tank repair plant, Ukraine

5. “The Tunnel of Love” located near the village of Klevan in the Rivne region is not only a botanical phenomenon but one of the most romantic places in Ukraine.

The Tunnel of Love, Rivne region, Ukraine

6. Mysterious underground maze of Odessa – a huge and chaotic system of tunnels that appeared after mining limestone.

Mysterious underground maze of Odessa

7. The Ukrainian Carpathians are especially beautiful during snowy winters.

Winter fairy tale in the Carpathians, Ukraine

8. Let’s fly over Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, in a balloon.

Fly over Kyiv in an air balloon

9. The unfinished subway in Dnepropetrovsk is a very scenic semi-abandoned place.

The catacombs of the unfinished subway, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

10. You can find this amazing abandoned river tram in a quiet backwater of the Desna River.

Abandoned river tram, the Desna River, Kyiv region, Ukraine

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