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Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Ukraine

Ukraine, a beautiful masterpiece that borders the EU to the west and Russia to the east, is in its pristine form because it has been barely discovered by the usual travelers visiting Europe. Intrepid adventurers predominantly visit the country. They usually take a country tour to visit Kyiv and then visit a few other big cities like Odesa or Lviv.

However, unfortunately, the rest of the country is mostly unknown to almost all of us. But, if truth be told, the country sure has a lot to offer. So, if you plan a tour of Europe, this country should 100% be on your must-visit places. Here, in this article, we will discuss some essential things about Ukraine, which will make your travel worthy.

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Why should you travel to Ukraine?

Jannice, who offers assignment help, went on a month-long trip to Europe and spent three days in Ukraine. She shares her experience stating that Ukraine gives you an experience that you will not find elsewhere. Well, we 100 percent agree with Jannice. But do you know why? It is because, in Ukraine, you can spend weeks at length admiring the Medieval castles, dreamy forts, and the perfectly-shaped and cute old towns all at the same time.

The country presents to you the most off-beat places in Europe, ranging from Prypiat, the ghost city, to the nuclear missile launch facility, along with a myriad of Communist and Soviet heritage.

There is no single country in Europe where you can do so much of what we have stated in a single trip. The best of all is that, beyond a few places, most of the country remains pristine, authentic, and certainly very Ukrainian. Traveling to Ukraine can sure be a real off-beat European adventure, like none you will find elsewhere.

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How will you get the Visa to travel to Ukraine?

Please bear in mind that Ukraine is neither a Schengen area nor a European Union. It means that there are different visa implications for the country. Generally speaking, most of the nations can get a ninety-day free visa on arrival. However, watch out because there are many countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico, whose citizens will have to pre-arrange the e-visa.

James, an executive who offers java homework help, shares his experience stating that he recently traveled to Ukraine with his Mexican girlfriend, without a visa, but she was deported. Now, let us tell you what went wrong with James and his girlfriend. See, apparently, James believed there is a rule that Mexicans get a free visa on arrival for every European continent, but that is not true.

Best time to visit Ukraine.

Traveling to Ukraine in Winter

Winters in Ukraine are cold. However, if you are planning to travel to Lviv or Kyiv, or any other big city, as long as you are fully clothed, you should be fine. In any case, taking a tour of Ukraine in colder months on a Soviet train can be quite a spectacular experience.

Traveling to Ukraine in Summer

Janette, who offers online do my paper for me services, says that she took a Ukraine tour in the last two weeks of August. During the hot summer months, even though Lviv will be great, the rest of the countryside will be quite hot. The temperature there will be primarily around thirty to thirty-five degrees Celsius.

Visiting Ukraine in Autumn and Spring

Spring and Autumn months are the best months to travel to Ukraine. It is neither too hot nor too cold. You can spend the whole month in the country, and the colors will be phenomenal. During this time, the country is indeed in its most beautiful form.

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Top books for enjoying independent travel to Ukraine

Some books can simplify your travel to Ukraine. You can take these books as your travel guide and enjoy a wholesome journey.

Ukraine travel guide by Bradt

Stacey, an online java tutor, says that the best guide book for people traveling to Ukraine is the Ukraine Travel Guide by Bradt. It is an incredible book that has a myriad of details about almost every region of the country. The book has good mentions of the real and off-beat gems and the useful and profound travel tips that can come in handy on your trip to Ukraine.

Ukraine travel guide by Lonely Planet

Another excellent purchase that can act as your perfect guide to the country is the Ukraine Travel Guide by Lonely Planet. Well, too, be honest with you, we still love the Ukraine Travel Guide by Bradt more because in the Lonely Planet, there is no in-depth explanation of the different destinations, and we would have quite preferred that.

Voices from Chernobyl by Svetlana Alexievich

We do not think that anyone visits Ukraine and does not take a tour of Chernobyl. For that reason, we recommend the Voices from Chernobyl by Svetlana Alexievich. It is a phenomenal book written by Svetlana Alexievich, who is a Nobel prize winning author. Austin, who offers astronomy online courses, says that he read the Voices from Chernobyl before his trip to Ukraine. It has a compilation of the different testimonies that relate to this disaster. For anyone who wishes to empathize with the victims, this can be a good pick.

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How can you travel to Ukraine?

There are several modes to reach Ukraine. Here we will enlist the most prevalent ones.

1. By Air – You can find direct flights to any country in the European sub-continent from Kyiv and Lviv running daily. Thus, it is not hard to find a budget flight for your travel.

2. By Land – Ukraine shares its geographical boundaries with a couple of countries. These include:

  • Belarus – If you are traveling via Belarus, you can cross the border. However, just for the safe side, be informed about their Visa on arrival requirement. It is available only if you fly in or out of Minsk. If you are traveling to Ukraine via Belarus, you will have to visit the embassy and get a Belarussian visa.
  • Russia – If you know, there is an ongoing dispute going on between Russia and Ukraine. However, despite this conflict, they have not shut the border. However, be aware of the prerequisites before entering in.
  • European Union – Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Hungary. There should not be a problem for you to travel to Ukraine from these countries. Crossing the border is easy, and there are no hidden or secret procedures.
  • Moldova – Even though there are a myriad of other borders to pick from, still a lot of people like to take a train from Odesa to Chisinau. So, that is also an option.

3. By sea – You can travel to Ukraine via sea. For this, you will have to take the ferry from Georgia’s Batumi, and it will drop you at Odesa. Raun, an associate with MyPlumbersChoice, says that two companies offer the ferry service from Batumi to Odesa, that is Ferrysped and Ukrferry. You can find their schedules on the website. The ferry fare will be around $100.

Ukraine Travel Insurance

When you plan a trip to Ukraine, do not forget to get proper travel insurance, and we recommend the World Nomads for a couple of reasons, as listed below.

1. If you forget, you can book it last minute while you are on the road.
2. It covers the maximum number of nationalities in their plan.
3. It is the only alternative out there that offers you an unlimited medical budget.

Why should you visit Ukraine?

In this part, we will give you a quick glimpse of the things that you can do on your travel to Ukraine.

Explore Kyiv – One of the Best Cities of Ukraine

Ukraine’s Kyiv is an incredible city with a lot to see and explore, and so much to do. You can explore the beautiful capital city, and you will love it. Known for its phenomenal nightlife, bizarre Soviet palaces and the incredible churches, you will thoroughly enjoy your days here.

Explore the Carpathian mountain villages

Wish to see the authentic side of Ukraine? Well, we recommend you explore the Carpathians. You can enjoy a good hike traveling from one village to another, and get to know the traditional and rural Ukraine. Herein, the mountains are beautiful, and the region is still pristine away from the brouhaha of the world.

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Wander through Western Ukraine, exploring the cute towns and the dreamy castles

The majority of Western Ukraine was under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Later it went to Poland. It is for this reason that the region has a lot of castles. The best thing is that different villages and towns have an architecture similar to Central Europe, which is worth exploring.

Pay your regards to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone victims

The exclusion zone is situated 150 km north of the capital city. Today, it is very touristy and one of the most frequented places in the country; it demands an exploration. Here, you can see by yourself the consequences of one of the worst humanitarian disasters the world has ever seen.

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