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Svyatogorsky State Historical-Architectural Reserve is a complex of monuments of history and culture of the 17th-20th centuries.

The reserve is situated at the foot of the chalk mountains (Svyatiye “Holy” Mountains), on the right bank of the Seversky Donets River (near the city of Svyatogorsk located 150 km to the north of Donetsk).

Svyatogorsky Historical-Architectural Reserve, Ukraine photo 1

take a tour of the historical reserve


National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture is an open air museum, architectural and landscape complex of historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine.

It is the largest open air museum in Europe located on the southern outskirts of Kyiv, near the village of Pyrohiv. The total area of the museum is about 133 hectares. Photos by maxiwell83

National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture photo 1

fine examples of Ukrainian folk architecture


Popov’s Castle is an eclectic era manor house built in 1864-1884. The estate is located 36 km to the south of Zaporozhye in Vasilevka town, which received its name in honor of the founder of the town – Major-General Vasily Stepanovich Popov.

At the end of the 18th century, Vasily Stepanovich Popov founded a settlement on this territory. Half a century later, his grandson Vasily Pavlovich Popov built the castle, which houses a museum now. Photos by Dmitry Gazin

Popov's Castle Estate, Zaporozhye, Ukraine photo 1

remains of architectural ensemble


An interesting set of photographs taken in different regions of Ukraine in the mid-20th century.

Provincial Ukrainians in the 50s of the 20th century photo 1

more historical photos

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Chersonese was a city-state, founded by the ancient Greeks in the south-west coast of the Crimea. At present, the ruins of the city are located in Gagarin district of Sevastopol.

For two thousand years, Chersonese was a major political, economic and cultural center of the northern Black Sea region. During the years of Soviet power, Chersonese Historical and Archaeological Reserve became one of the largest archaeological centers.

The remains of ancient city-state Chersonese at night time photo 1

Feel the history of the ancient city


The State Aviation Museum of Ukraine (Zhulyany) was opened in 2003. Today, this museum located in Kiev is the largest history and technology museum in the country. The exposure of the museum has nearly 70 planes and helicopters.

Of additional interest is the fact that the museum is located very close to the airport “Kiev” (Zhulyany), the runway lies only about 100 meters away behind a transparent wall. Photos by Valentin Rukomoynikov

Reconnaissance plane Anatra-Anasal (1917-1918)

The state aviation museum, Kiev, Ukraine photo 1


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Even after many years the events of the Second World War are still interesting. Unlike earlier wars, this war left behind a huge amount of documentary photographs. Realistic color images that more accurately convey the atmosphere of this period are of particular interest.

Here is a series of photographs of Kharkiv occupied by German troops; most of the pictures were made in 1942. Some of the buildings in the photos are destroyed as a result of bombing and shelling. In 1943, a lot of the buildings will be destroyed, when the city once again will be the scene of fierce battles.

Kharkiv, Ukraine during the German occupation in color, photo 1





Graffiti of Pripyat – the ghost town

April 26, 1986, the most devastating accident at the nuclear power plant occurred. As a result, Pripyat, young and thriving Soviet city, was abandoned.

But its life goes on now in other forms – in forms of interesting and unexpected graffiti on the streets of a ghost town. Streets and avenues are almost completely overgrown with trees, the city is gradually destroyed.

Graffiti of Pripyat - the ghost town, Chernobyl, Ukraine photo 1


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Flea market in Kharkov

If you like antiques or just the things from the recent past, then you might be interested in Kharkov flea market, which is one of the largest flea markets in Ukraine, along with the one in Odessa.

This place is located relatively far from the city center, near the central market of Kharkov (here is the approximate location of Kharkov flea market on Google Maps). Photos by ya_rinka

Flea market, Kharkov, Ukraine photo 1



While the Russian Empire was coming to its end in the late 19th – early 20th century, the present capital of independent Ukraine was one of the most dynamic cities of the empire. Some of the new technologies were first introduced in Kiev and later extended to other imperial cities.

For example, in 1892, first in the Russian Empire electric tram appeared in Kiev; in 1902, the Kiev funicular was opened – the second funicular in the Russian Empire after the one in Odessa; the first stationary stadium in the empire was opened here in 1912; the same year, construction of Ginzburg skyscraper was completed – it was the tallest building in the Russian Empire.

Kiev, the Russian Empire, the late 19th century, photo 1