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Karabi – the land of hundreds of caves

Karabi is a mountain karst plateau located in the Crimea, where on a relatively small area hundreds of caves can be found. The average height of the plateau is about 1000 meters above the sea level; the highest point is Mount Tai-Koba (1262 meters).

The plateau has an abundance of different types of karst cavities – caves, mines, and tunnels. Because of this the area is very popular among cavers.

A lot of caves are accessible to ordinary tourists; they can go without special equipment. Soldatskaya (Soldier) mine (depth 515 meters) and Nakhimovskaya mine (400 m) are the first and third deepest places in Ukraine.

There are several nature reserves and natural monuments of national importance on the territory of Karabi.

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  • Ramundow · March 6, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Yalta is very nice but I haven’t been there for quite a while. However, last year I stayed in Foros alos in the suhtoern Crimea. (Incidentlly, Foros is where Gorbachev used to have his summer vacations.) The place is absolutely magnificent. Beautiful mountains, flora, crystal clear see and generally very friendly people. I certainly had a great time there. However if you planning to visit, I must warn you prices for accommodation are very expensive. We rented a one bedroom flat for just under $150 a night. An that was the cheapest price we could find.


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