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Amazing Sunrise at Cape Kiik-Atlama in Crimea

Steep, far out into the sea Cape Kiik-Atlama is located in the south-eastern Crimea, south of Feodosia.

Photographer Sergey Anashkevitch has captured the stunning beauty of the dawn when everything is colored in orange and red tones and the water is like mercury. Cape Kiik-Atlama location on Google Maps.

Amazing Sunrise at Cape Kiik-Atlama, Crimea, Ukraine photo 1

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Karadag Nature Reserve – the Sea Trip

Kara Dag is a volcanic mountain range located in the south-eastern Crimea, on the Black Sea coast. “Kara Dag” is translated from Turkish and Crimean Tatar language as “black mountain”.

Karadag Nature Reserve which includes the territory of the mountain range and the surrounding marine area was created in 1979.

Karadag Nature Reserve, Crimea, Ukraine photo 1

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Belaya Skala – a Natural Monument in Crimea

Belaya Skala (“White Rock”) or Aq Qaya is a rock in Crimea, located near the village of Belaya Skala. Vertical white rocky wall dominates the valley of the Biyuk-Karasu River. Elevation between the valley and the top of the cliff is 100 meters.

It was formed by erosion and weathering of limestone and sandstone. From 1981, this rock is a natural monument of republican importance.

Belaya Skala, Natural Monument, Crimea, Ukraine photo 1

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Regional Landscape Park “The Generals’ Beaches” is also called “The Coast of 1000 Bays.” In Crimea, along the coast of the Azov Sea, from Zolotoy to Kurortny villages, you can find wild and rarely visited recreation area.

From 1947 to 1972, the Karalarsky steppe was used as military training ground for air support of testing of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons of the Soviet Air Force.

Sunset on the Generals Beaches, Crimea, Ukraine photo 1

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Beauty of Opuksky Nature Reserve

A unique piece of nature – Opuksky Nature Reserve – is situated at the southern end of the Kerch Peninsula in Crimea. This is one of the youngest nature reserves of Ukraine. It was founded in 1998 and combined more than twenty landscape and natural sites on the area of about 1,500 hectares.

One of the highest points of the Kerch peninsula – Opuk Mountain (184 meters above sea level) – is located here. Many species of animals listed in the Red Book of Ukraine are found in the reserve and coastal waters.

Opuksky Nature Reserve, Crimea, Ukraine photo 1

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The Ghost Valley is an area in the Crimea, the concentration of fantastically shaped rocks on the western slope of the southern ridge of Demerji massif (near Alushta).

Their shapes resemble mysterious statues of humans, animals, creatures from fairy tales, various objects, and depending on the time of day and lighting their shapes are changing.

The Valley of Ghosts stone statues, Crimea, Ukraine photo 1


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Invasion of jellyfish in Balaclava

At the beginning of spring, in the Bay of Balaclava near Sevastopol, one could observe an unusual phenomenon – the entire water area of the bay was filled with jellyfish. Billions of jellyfish turned the waters of the bay in a solid white jelly.

Boats and yachts were among this mess, and jellyfish thrown out on the waterfront by waves squelched underfoot of strolling people.

Jellyfish invasion, Balaclava, Sevastopol, Ukraine photo 1


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Swallow’s Nest (Lastochkino Gnezdo) is a unique architectural monument. This is one of the symbols of the Crimea and Ukraine. The building was designed by the famous architect A.V. Sherwood. Inaccessibility and romance are combined in this building.

It is a place with a beautiful view of the rock Parus, Yalta city, the Yalta bay, Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain). It is a place where romance and extreme can be found at the same time. Currently, Swallow’s Nest is one of the best restaurants in the Crimea.

Architectural monument Swallow's Nest and surroundings photo 1


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Sunset and sunrise in Crimea

Today is the first day of spring and to celebrate this, here is a set of beautiful photographs of stunning sunsets and sunrises. The pictures were taken in Crimea by Sergey Anashkevitch.

You can use them as nice wallpapers, click the image to get 1920×1280 version of it.

Sunset and sunrise in Crimea, Ukraine photo 1





Beautiful views of the winter Yalta

Yalta is definitely the most famous resort city in the former Soviet Union countries. The city is located on approximately the same geographical latitude with renowned Italian ports and resorts of Ravenna and Genoa.

The sun is shining here about 2250 hours a year – about the same as in Nice, Cannes, San Remo and other Mediterranean resorts.

Winter Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine photo 1


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